Why such satisfaction? Steve has the personal and professional characteristics that one would want in a builder. His subs are excellent. He is practical and is easy to communicate with. He has good ideas and has a sense of taste that complements ours. Sharon Builders built our 3500 sf custom home on 3 acres in 2000 actual construction time around 7 months. Before construction began, my wife and I worked closely with a draftsman and Sharon Builders to translate our ideas into detailed drawings from which Steve and his subs built the house. The combination of the draftsman and Sharon Builders meant that we did not need/use an architect. We have nothing against architects but the combination saved us money, allowed faster decision-making, and kept things on schedule. Having gone through the experience, my wife and I say today that building a custom home requires 100 major decisions. Looking back, we honestly cannot think of more than 3 decisions that we would want to change which we think is pretty unusual and is attributable to the skill of the draftsman and Sharon Builders as well as our personal, daily involvement. Realizing of course that the owners are ultimately responsible for all the decisions, we can think of 10-15 decisions that we would have gotten wrong without Steve Gunn s good counsel, experience, practical eye, and sense of appropriate taste. In fact, well into construction Steve showed us how he could install what turned out to be very necessary internal staircase and back porch, the presence of which today has dramatically affected our satisfaction with the house. We wonder today what we would have done had not Steve come up with those two ideas. Having been in the home now for 8 years, we can say that we have had no problems with the home. Steve contacts us once or twice a year to ask how our home is working. We can report "great". We remain very satisfied with the work Sharon Builders did.

From the beginning, we knew we'd enjoy working with Steve and his son Alan. It was obvious they take pride in a job well done and would do everything to ensure we would be pleased throughout the process. After getting to know them, their attention to detail, strong work ethic and high level of integrity was very apparent. Alan was on site every day ensuring the job was going smoothly and on schedule. We hit a few bumps in the road with inspectors slowing down the process and the snow and ice slowing us down a bit but we were still very close to finishing on schedule. We've hired contractors before who did not finish strong. Some contractors take short cuts or hire in subs that leave me feeling like I need to babysit them. That was not the case with Sharon Builders. The quality we expected was absolutely the quality that was delivered. Along the way, they spent ample time patiently answering the many questions I asked. I also felt very safe having my children play as normal while they were working. They were very conscientious of debris, ensuring nothing dangerous was laying around that could potentially harm our pets or children. They were also very friendly toward them. It went so well, we are now going to move forward with Steve and Alan to do another major renovation. We have zero reservations about using them again.

When I met Steve with Sharon Builders I knew he was the contractor for us, we just clicked. He and his son Alen were both very professional and excited to be working with me. They both had really great ideas for the the expansion and made us very comfortable with the changes that were coming. The first thing they did was to demo the flooring, wood work, and that horrible 90's bar that divided the family room and the kitchen. The new bar was installed 5' back from the original giving us another 100 sq feet and a new beautiful hardwood floor was added to match the new bar. The new counter is a beautiful black granite with 18" cabinets underneath. They also replaced our windows with new floor to ceiling windows and added elegant curtains to match the new paint. When we want to let the sun in, there's an abundance of it, and when we want to block it we use the new wireless controller to close the curtains. They also added crown molding to the ceiling and reworked the molding surrounding the fire place, adding a 30 bottle wine rack above the fire place with low voltage lighting where the TV used to be. They also added new lighting throughout the room and a built in entertainment system with all the wiring necessary for surround sound and what I believe to be the best part of the family room. With their help we took a plain small room and turned it into the best room in the house. We now spend 90% of our time there playing games, entertaining, relaxing, and loving our new room..... Thank you Sharon Builders!

excellent work. removed load bearing wall and opened up interior sapce. adding standard kitchen appliances, pantry plus stack washer-dryer behind door. work proceeded on schedule and very willing to work with us on changes

It went great. I met with 3 contractors and liked Steve Gunn the best. His estimate was right in line with what I expected and with other contractors. I needed someone to do everything including using their specialty contractors, (electrical, plumbing, tile, etc.) and sending me to great vendors (with show rooms for great ideas) for cabinets and sink, faucet and lighting, etc. I did it all with two places that had great selections and were great to work with. Everything was done and organized on a timely schedule by Sharon Builders. I love my finished kitchen and working with Sharon builders. Alan Gunn was on site everyday that a contractor was at my house. The contractors they use were all great and I had no problem leaving my house and knowing the work would be well done. Work was done and cleanup was great. When I came up with extra things I wanted they would get it done for me. I would definitely use Steve and Alan Gunn again and look forward to a bathroom remodel in the future.

It was very positive. They did the work well, very professional and knowledgeable, and did everything they said they could do and did it on time.

It was very outstanding. I was a little scared because I had a different contractor bail out on us before I found Steve. He is extremely polite and a very stand-up human being . I don't think I would have found with anyone else, Steve or Alan, their level of presence and on site attention.